Our Memoir Website Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions you accept when using our memoir website.

Use Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for our members and guests.

Our website is focused on offering self-recording of video memoirs. Some clients and users might also request professional editing, and media production in the form of a Video Memoir. During the period of our service, users and members of this website, MUST follow ethical standards set-forth herein! By registering, using, or selecting membership within our domain Here’s To Me Dot Com you agree to the following:

  1. You will NOT solicate, seek, or contact any member, user, or guest in any fashion outside of your website.
  2. You agree to NOT post insulting, raciest, unethical, adult, pornographic, or other graphics not appropriate for all ages.
  3. The understand all content will be reviewed and edited to reflect a rating of “PG” according to the Motion Pictures Rating System Standards used for theatrical releases. All content must adhere to those standards and be acceptable to our director, before it can be published within our member website.
  4. You understand we reserve ALL rights to audio and/or video editing, and delivery of any edited content after reviewing all uploaded, or supplied video, images, self-recordings, video, audio, sound, or spoken media content.
  5. You agree to NOT email spam, or market your web page, or personal memoir listing in any unethical manner.
  6. You understand using the website in a unethical manner, or if you are found in breach of any of our terms within this web page, you will forfeit your membership, and your membership or account will be deleted without written notice.
  7. You understand NO REFUNDS will be offered in such case, and your IP will be blocked from using our website.
  8. We ask you and all uses to be ethical, moral and to be aware of our terms. We take these terms VERY seriously.

Thank you for being part of our web site, and we look forward to sharing your story with the world. Management / Directors