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Have a family member within our website? Want to watch some interesting life memories? Use this page to do a personal memoir search for your loved one by name, or use the search options to the right.

Locate and watch video memoir’s and audio memoir productions from people around the world. The search options below, include searching by name memoir category, memoir sex, memoir type, and more.

Note: If you do not find a memoir listed, it might be that the memoir owners has chosen not to share their memoir with the public. In that case you will nee to contact them in private and ask how to visit their memoir page.

Not all of our memoir owners, ask for their life-story to be shared with the public. Many of our audio or video memoir’s are only shared with family, friends and others using social media. You can choose to share the memoir on the website, or only share your memoir web page in private. You use a private memoir link, to share the final memoir.

Don’t forget, you too can be featured here, and share your own personal memoir with friends and family everywhere. Just register and create your own memoir.

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