Memoir Gift & Autobiography Gift

Every Memoir Gift Includes a Personal LIVE Online Interview!

Audio Memoir Gift & Autobiography Gift

The Gift of a Lifetime from Here’s to ME!

A Memoir Gift and Autobiography Gift make a great gift idea. Looking for a REALLY unique gift idea? We offer affordable Memoir and Autobiography services, as unique gifts.

Once detailed are shared, and down-payment is arranged, we email you a FREE Personalized Gift Certificate to print, frame and/or wrap as a gift. You then present it to the recipient as a Birthday Gift, Retirement Gift, or even a Christmas Present.

Our program gives the person you select, the ability to have their complete Life-story Archived and then produced as a Audio Memoir, or Autobiography Video.

These very affordable memoir services are professionally produced, and make a exciting gift for any family member, friend, and even a partner. Here’s to ME is an excellent way to share any life-story for generations to come.

The service includes all the whistles and bells in the style of a Autobiography video, while our Audio Memoir plan offers a more cost-effective option featuring a audio only package, using the recorded spoken word of the featured person when possible.

Review the service plans we offer, and fill out the form below. We will contact you to arrange payment, send your Memoir Gift Certificate to frame and give your loved-one the “GIFT OF A LIFE-TIME” this year.

Share a life-story with family, friends and the world.

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