How to Record a Audio Memoir or Autobiography!

Creating a Audio Memoir or Autobiography Online


How to Record a Memoir

Recording a audio memoir, or video autobiography is easy at Here’s to ME. Just follow the steps outlined below, and soon we can create your personal memoir. You then share it with family and friend’s, or request for it to be added and featured on our memoir website, sharing the life-story worldwide. Read on below…


Select Your Desired Memoir Plan

First things first, how to record a memoir. Just select your generational audio memoir or autobiography plan. As you will see, each plan has life-stage questions, relevant to your age group and life-span. All plans include a LIVE Online Interview with our director, and other than our basic plan, all plans also include professional production to further enhance your Memoir. After registration, we will contact you and discuss your memoir option, arrange payment and create a memoir account. There you will complete your personal memoir profile and account details, used in-part within your memoir page.


Prepare For Your Recording

Once you have selected your or Audio or Video Memoir Plan, and created your memoir account, you can take your time and prepare to record your memoir with Mr. Reece. Once ready, simply call our studio, or request a interview date and time online, then login on that date using a supplied email link. Mr. Reece will join you, and interview you LIVE online worldwide. He will also supply a Life-Stage Memory List, used during the interview. All you do it relax, and have a conversation using your webcam. Yes it is that easy.


Share Your New Personal Memoir Page

In summary you have selected a Generational Memoir Plan, registered with the site, completed your personal details in your account area, and then set a date / time to record LIVE online with Mr. Reece. Next you simply held your memoir recording interview, and now you merely await the production of your new memoir and memoir page. This usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks after your interview is complete. Once it is ready, it is added to your memoir page and you can share the page with friends and family everywhere. You can even elect to have it featured on the website free.