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Here’s to ME

(memoir recording and autobiography service formerly known as my life on dvd)

Online Memoir Recording and Autobiography with a LIVE interview online. We are all on our own unique journey, each filled with personal experience, events, memories, friends, careers, school days, children, marriage, mentors and more. Here’s to ME, helps capture the entire life-story of the person being featured, with our unique LIVE interview recording service. We even offer complete editing, production and delivery of a Professional Memoir Recording or Autobiography.

Based in Colorado in the USA, our studio is the brain child of veteran broadcast producer, voice actor and casting director Anthony Reece. Started in 2004 as My Life on DVD, Mr. Reece offered his services, to a gentleman in Nebraska, whom contacted Mr. Reece looking to save his life-time of memories. he had just bee diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s.

Mr. Reece was very moved by the experience, so he also produced his own father’s audio memoir in 2005. Thus was born his memoir service, which has now evolved into Here’s to ME in 2017.

The memoir owner is personally interviewed by, then edited and produced in audio and video by Mr. Reece.

He reviews all audio memoir recording and video content, creating a final audio or video autobiography for you, a family member, or that of a loved one. The best part is users have the ability to be recorded online worldwide in the privacy of a home, patient care facility, business office, or anywhere worldwide using a webcam, or personal cell phone.

This personal Audio Memoir and Video Autobiography service, is perfect for a family member, spouse, friend, life partner, parent, grandparent, or retiree. The program is also a excellent way to capture memories of anyone with early stage Alzheimer’s, or facing a terminal illness.

Share a life-story with family, friends and the world.

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